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In a dark room at Colgate University’s Wendt University Inn, Abdoul Kouyate starts his day with wudu (الوضوء). Wudu is the process of cleansing oneself before one makes Salah (صَلاة). Kouyate, a defensive end at Colgate University, walks slowly to the bathroom rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He turns on the light, stares […]

The Rescue

Everybody was quiet. 

The silence that filled the air on the C130 on its way to Sudan was not a mistake — it was intentional. 

No words. No light. No moon. Just darkness. 

The darkness in Sudan is much darker than the darkness in Israel, Asaf Agamon said. Brig, Gen. Asaf Agamon was the pilot on the C130 en route to Sudan. Agamon grazed the Red Sea to avoid any detection from nearby radars. He could not see anything. 

Sports Illustrated Articles

Here is all the coverage of the 2021 Syracuse Football Season by Calvin Milliner

Syracuse Basketball warms up for the 2021 – 2022 season

A season of newcomers could sum up Friday’s media day and tip-off fan events for the Orange men’s basketball team.

With the additions of Symir Torrence, Jimmy Boeheim, Niko Ruffin, and Benny Williams, the Orange are making strides into the 2021 season. Although the Orange are welcoming newcomers, the identity of the team runs through their veteran leadership.

Syracuse Men’s Basketball 2021 – 2022 season preview

The Syracuse men’s basketball 2021-22 season begins tonight at home against Lafayette at 7 p.m. The Orange played well in preseason exhibition play. However, the competition will only get fiercer as the 2021-22 season progresses.

SU won the two preseason matchups against Pace and Le Moyne. The well-expected wins left fans excited for what’s to come this season.

51 years later, the Syracuse 8 retell their story of equality

The Syracuse 8 made a decision 51 years ago that transformed the identity of Syracuse University forever. In 1969, the eight men decided to forego their athletic careers to seek change for Blacks and other marginalized groups on campus.

Reporter Reel 2022
Calvin Milliner’s reporter reel where he covers stories ranging from campus life to city council elections in New York City to Green Beer Sunday in Syracuse.
Sports Reporter Reel 2022

In his sports reports reel, he covers the 2021 Syracuse football team for and ACC Network. In addition to covering them for Sports Illustrated Syracuse.

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