Albert Smith, Founder of Exhaust NYC, Exhausting All Avenues

Exhaust T- Shirts in all colors

To exhaust would mean for one to simply give their all, a sort of risk with no regrets. According to Albert Smith, Founder of Exhaust NYC, 

Taking risks and living without regrets is part of living life to the fullest.”

The clothing line, Exhaust NYC, was started in order to motivate others in what it takes to be great in all aspects. Selling oneself short is just not apart of Exhaust NYC’s makeup. You are either all in or all out. 

The trendy urban clothing brand which originated in New York City was founded on the motto, “The Revolution.” This revolution of sorts is “aimed to inspire individuals to live a life of consequence by taking risks and living without regret.” This “go hard or go home” mentality is embedded in the culture of New York City.  Albert Smith believes growing up in New York City and his ambition of becoming a successful product of his environment, led to the creation of Exhaust NYC. Smith weighed in on fashion being a big part of the culture in New York and what role he sees Exhaust NYC playing in the daily lives of New Yorkers by saying

“New York City is the birthplace of fashion and all trends. We are trendsetters and influencers without even realizing our major impact on the fashion industry. In Harlem, looking good is a must. Growing up I never had designer and expensive clothing, but I always made sure I knew how to dress. With Exhaust, I’m aiming to attract and appeal to every market whether that be everyday wear, “pop out” attire, professional, athletic, and more. I want New Yorkers to think Exhaust and think “The Revolution.” 

As the fall and winter seasons approach us, Exhaust NYC plans to make sure we are warm and cozy. 

“If you can wear it, Exhaust will have it.”

Dark Green Exhaust Sweater

Expect to see everything from Exhaust NYC, hoodies, sweatsuits, long sleeves, windbreakers, winter hats, and plenty more. The fall collection releases October 1, 2020. For more on Exhaust NYC, visit their website at

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