A Hidden Talent Not So Hidden Anymore…

Not many people can shut down opposing offenses and be a full-time spray paint artist. Carlins Platel, the 6’2, 195-pound cornerback out of Assumption College, is extremely talented on and off the field.  Throughout the past three years, Platel has a total of seven interceptions and 30 pass breakups.  Now, some people know football, and some don’t.  However, my best advice to you is to not to throw it in his direction at all. 

Platel was a nominee for the Cliff Harris Award which recognizes the top defensive players in Division II football. Although Platel did not win the award last year, he is high on the watchlist for the upcoming season. This time, Platel is motivated to be much more than a “nominee” as he says,

“That’s all the motivation I need not winning the award and not being the number one corner in the country. It all drives me knowing I still have people out there that don’t see it that way. But at the end of the day, it’s all about my supporters. I want to prove them right more than anything.” 

Throughout quarantine, some of us revisited our hidden talents while the rest of us learned new things about ourselves. In this case, Platel indulged himself in the creative process, a process he is very familiar with. It was simple for him… a can of spray paint and an idea. Now, this may not sound like a lot, but a true artist only needs an idea. For one to tap into his creative side, some inspiration is necessary. According to Platel, his inspiration comes from family.  He explains,

“My older brother is a great artist and the first artist I’ve seen working face to face. Seeing how he can make something look so real, it interested me. I got into spray painting and it’s always been a hobby of mine. Getting to draw out stencils and putting everything together is fun. My inspiration is the people because I do a lot of custom paintings for the people. They give me the idea and I run with it.”

Most things we get in our lives happen because of an idea. Our ideas take us far and such ideas can create art.  As Platel and the Hounds prepare for their upcoming season, the safety of the players and coaches is at an all-time high. Due to the cancellation of a season in the fall, the players are gearing up for any upcoming opportunities they may have in putting the pads on again. Platel and his teammates are eager to attack the field again and make a run at a NE10 Championship. For now, it’s simple… hard work and dedication. As cliche as it may sound, it’s the name of the game, as players deal with the new normal in sports. The uncertainty of when the season will take place is evident; however, the team is controlling what they can.  Platel credits his coaches and teammates by saying,

“The coaches are doing a great job making sure we can do everything and still stay safe. We are still lifting, conditioning, and practicing making sure that once we actually hit the field, we’re hitting the field running full speed.” 

The football player/spray paint artist is finding ways to develop on and off the field in these very uncertain times. For now, all one can do is stay prepared.  I would like to revisit a favorite quote of mine from Jim Harbaugh…

“It is better to stay prepared and not have an opportunity than to not be prepared and have an opportunity.” 

For more on Carlins Platel, follow him on Instagram @CarlinsPlatel. For more art from Carlins Platel, follow @artbypluto_.

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